Honeybees can be identified by their thin, brown thorax and black abdomen with yellow-orange bands. They have the ability to be aggressive under certain conditions and especially when provoked. Their sting is quite painful and can be life threatening to a small percentage of people who are allergic to the venom.

Honeybees are vitally important for flower pollination but with the mass use of insecticides and pesticides they have become endangered. The U.N. have reported that of the 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food, more than 70 percent are pollinated by bees. It is therefore vitally important that we take care of our bees.

But honeybees live in colonies but can be a serious problem when they colonise or when they swarm.

Swarms are essentially a large number of bees on the move. Swarming occurs when a queen bee leaves a colony with a large group (usually thousands) of worker bees to form a new colony elsewhere. Moving swarms on bushes and trees is a pretty common activity during swarming season in summer months.

Honeybees will colonise in any cavity in a man-made structure or naturally occurring such as hollows in trees. When the swarm colonises a cavity in a structure they can cause damage or become a risk to public health – especially when provoked.

Great care must be taken in the removal of bees as the honeycomb is a human food source and any contamination by pesticides or insecticides can have severe consequences. As a result the incorrect removal or illegal treatment of a honeycomb could result in a fine of up to £25,000

At Beegone® we specialise in the expert non-lethal removal of honeybee swarms and colonies from chimneys, walls, roofs and trees without using insecticides or pesticides. We remove bees alive and relocate them before bee proofing the structure to prevent more returning – guaranteed! This makes us unique leading providers in bee removal.

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