Bee Removal from Walls

Live honeybee removal from walls

Bees in walls must be removed

It is important that you have removed from your wall because leaving them will result in a larger problem later.

Many pest control companies will tell you it’s not necessary to remove the beehive after removing the bees. Leaving a beehive in a wall after a treatment with insecticide or other compound is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. Bee removal without honeycomb removal will inevitably cause you problems of a more serious nature than the original bees themselves.

Pest control alone simply will not solve the problem.

Bees keep the hive cool by circulating air with their wings. Without this vital cooling method, the honey will inevitably melt and seep though the building and cause a permanently lingering smell and damp like marks on plasterboard, wall paper and in cavities. This will also attract other pests and other bees time and time again

We usually prefer doing a cut-out method of bee removal which will require access equipment, removing building fabric and then cutting out the comb to remove it with the live bees. We then bee proof the wall and do the reinstatement works.
Beegone is qualified for minor works on Grade I and II listed buildings. 
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