The bumblebee is the large hairy bee we often seen in our gardens and fields. In the UK we typically see the red-tailed, white tailed and tree bee. The tree bumblebee is the most common with its ginger body black abdomen and white tail. The red-tailed bumblebees are black with an orange-red tail but the males have a yellow hairy head and collar, and a pale yellow midriff-band. White-tailed bumbles have a bright yellow collar, a yellow abdomen band and a bright white tail.

These bees live in colonies which can consist of a small number to up to a few hundred bees. Nests can typically be found in dry, dark holes underground or under sheds but they also can nest in lofts, bird boxes and even in trees.

These bees are not naturally aggressive but it is best to call in a professional like Beegone® should you need a nest removed.

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