Honey Comb Removal

Honey Comb Removal

We are passionate about saving bees and the environment!

The U.N. have reported that of the 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food, more than 70 percent are pollinated by bees. This is why it is vitally important that we take care to remove the honeycomb when removing honeybees from an environment.

Insecticides cannot be used kill off the colony and they will contaminate the honeycomb. This in turn will leave long lasting damage to the environment. The smell of residue of the treated colony leaves is attractive to other honeybees or wasps. Eventually more swarming bees will re-colonise on the same honey comb. During this time foraging honeybees from other established colonies could also steal the contaminated honey and introduce it to their own hives, which means insecticide could then end up in our human food chain.

Non-Lethal Bee Removal

Moving swarms on bushes and trees is a pretty common activity during swarming season in summer months for beekeepers and for enthusiasts like us. When the swarm colonises a cavity in a structure they need to be removed for safety. For nuisance, structural damage or work prevention reasons, removal of these highly beneficial insects is not an easy job – even for experienced beekeepers, let alone the inexperienced and uninsured to attempt.

It’s not just the risk of being stung when removing honeybees, it’s also removing building fabric that is dangerous. For example, asbestos, wiring cables and working at height are some of the obvious risks involved with bee and comb removal.

Beegone® will carry out a full site survey and risk assessment before anything is done. We then document everything and then send you a proposal for work to be done. Once we have removed the honeybees we then proof the structure to prevent other honeybees getting back in. Guaranteed.

Benefits of Non-Lethal Removal:

  • Saving honeybees and helping our environment
  • Preventing illegal insecticide contamination
  • Safe bee extraction on your site, you’ll know you’re in good hands
  • Wherever they are we can reach them and get them out, even if you’ve been told they cannot be moved!
  • Here at Beegone® we guarantee that no further swarms will enter the space and re-colonise. Guaranteed
  • Insured with Hiscox insurance, employers liability, public, products and professional indemnity
We will listen/reply to your specific problem and provide free advise over the phone.
We carry out an on-site consultation to provide a report and quote. We do this to remove risks to, you, our team, other people and the building. Possible site risks – asbestos, wiring cables, working at height. We may carry out a Drone Survey of the chimney(s) if required. Never attempt to remove bees yourself. Here are some possible risks.

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