Live Honey Bee and Comb Removal Crawley

You can save bees! For live honeybee removal from your property, call our care team on 01293 974 273

Bee Removal Crawley

Your Local Bee Removal Expert:

Glen Campbell
01293 974 273

Glen’s comprehensive knowledge of the natural world has enabled him to provide intricate solutions to the most obscure bee removal problems in Crawley and the surrounding areas. 

About us

Beegone® specialises in the expert live honey bee and comb removal, honey bee swarms and colonies from chimneys, walls, roofs and trees without using insecticides or pesticides. 

We extract bees alive and relocate them before bee proofing the structure to prevent more returning – guaranteed! We offer the complete package from removal, relocation to reinstatement works.

How is our bee removal different?

Beegone is unique as it removes honeybees & honeycomb from structures without destroying them & relocates them to a safe place. We will then reinstate the building fabric and guarantee the bee won’t come back over a period of time.

 Bees are vital for our environment which is why this work is essential. This is the only solution for bees which will actually solve the problem.

For live bee removal in Bath and surrounding areas:

Crawley - Lingfield - East Grinstead - Haywards Heath - Burgess Hill - Tonbridge - Sevenoaks

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