Honeybee Swarm Removal

Honeybee swarm removal

Bees swarms must be removed

If you have a honeybee swarm then don’t panic – you’re in the right place.

If a honeybee swarm is left and not collected quickly (within the same day), it could colonise your property chimney, roof or wall. We strongly advise you get the swarm removed quickly to prevent the risk of having a bee colony to deal with – not just a bee swarm…

Report a swarm

Beegone can remove swarms but charge a service fee. Please be advised we will remove swarms in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex areas. Established colonies are removed from buildings nationwide.

If you have bees in your chimney, inside your roof or in your walls then please call us for a quotation for a live colony removal on 0800 9551 999

Beekeepers are often keen to collect bee swarms free of charge. A list of beekeepers in your area can be found on the British Beekeepers Association website here.

Why do bees swarm?

A bee swarm is a term for when the bees are not living on honeycomb in a colony but are on the move. They are often found in the form of a mass of bunched up bees on top of each other often hanging from a branch of a tree, but this can also be on the side of a building too. The bees are looking for a desired new colony location where they will make a honeycomb and live for many years.

Private bee keepers can help but often not immediately and it can be a massive risk leaving the bees to settle without intervention. They may just end up flying away but they could also end up choosing your chimney or property roof as their new home. If this happens it will be a challenging and costly location to remove them.

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Bee Swarm on the tree

You can save bees! For live honeybee removal from your property, call our care team on 0800 9551 999

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