Risks when removing bees

Risks when removing bees

Honeybee removal is a big job encompassing many skills required to carry out the works as needed to get rid of the bees in a humane way. 

Removing honeybees legally and properly is not a quick simple task like treating a wasp nest. 

The fabric of the building requires removing to gain access to the combs (the comb is protected by law) and bees. Sometimes asbestos surveys are required if building fabric needs to be removed on buildings built before 2000.

At Beegone® we provide all skills required to extract the combs and bees unless otherwise stated. We carry out site consultations prior to carrying out works to ensure the following risks are removed. 

Possible risks

1. Working at height
2. Asbestos in building
3. Often over 50,000 bees that can sting
4. Allergic reaction to bees (anaphylaxis)
5. Foraging Wasps & Hornets 
6. Honey contamination by pest control firms. 
7. Leaking honey damage to your property
8. Falling materials
9. Falling equipment
10. Wrong access used
11. Bees swarming in to the house

12. Bees recolonising void space
13. Heavy cherry pickers damaging Drains & Driveways and ground
14. Overhead cables
15. Wiring in hidden places
16. Weather conditions
17. Correct Insurance cover 
18. Using a naked flame in buildings
19. No competent labour
20. Incomplete jobs leaving the premises open to water damage

Speak to our expert in house specialists in sales who can listen to your specific needs and guide you on how to get rid of the bees alive and safely without risk.

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