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Testimonials - Live Bee Removal by Beegone®

Honeybees in Chimney

“I’m one of the trustees looking after this very important listed building. We had a problem when we wanted to repair the roof because there were honeybees in the chimney.

Peter Higgs came out, helped us, and found he didn’t need to exterminate them. He could remove them, he could rehome them and we were very glad indeed to save the lives of these very useful insects.

And we know they won’t come back because he has put specialist cowling on the top, to stop any more colonist.”
– Mrs Kershaw.`

“Hi, my names Chris, we had a problem with bees back in May, we had a swarm that went into the chimney up the top.

Later in the year we wanted to install a gas fire into our dining room, but we found the chimney was actually blocked by the bees nest that formed up there and the bees hadn’t moved on.

So we called in Peter and his team and they came along and put the scaffold up, and moved the huge bees nest, we had about 10,000 bees up there.

And as you can see, at the bottom of this, you can still see part of the old honeycomb.

so that was well removed and a flue was inserted and is now all operational, so thank you Peter.
-Mr Jones

I am very impressed with Beegone®

We had a colony of bees in our chimney at work.

They have been really fantastic. They have taken the chimney pot down. And now the hive is ontop where the chimney was. The queen has been caught and hopefully all the bees are going to be in the hive and I am going to take them home tomorrow morning. I am very impressed and I would recommend Beegone 100 percent

I am very impressed with Beegone®

An extremely professional service with great customer care and excellent communication throughout. Would highly recommend! – Jemima

Our huge thanks to Peter for his talk on Saturday

Please can you convey to Peter our huge thanks for his talk on Saturday. Such enthusiasm, he talks like an express train, so much to get across!

He was very well prepared with a friendly, informative presentation, and did a great job conveying the dangers & risks of foolish lone beekeepers attempting what your company does.

I hope he got home safely, content with spreading the word.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Kind regards,
Dover & District Bee Keeping Association

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